Sunday, January 8, 2017

Some traditional Fleer Blue Jays

I was able to get a nice little trade together with user MMehler30 on TCDB which I wanted to share. Before this trade I had not seen any of the 2001 Fleer Tradition Blue Jays, but was able to get a few out of this trade.

The front reminds me of the late 80s Topps Big cards with the layout. I like this version better though - much better. The nice blue pennant type graphic for the name and team is much nicer. I would rather the background be more detailed rather than out of focus, but a small price to pay.

A few other cards...

Nice adds that I didn't have, though I think the Shannon Stewart Topps Fusion is even a bit more metal and shine than even I can enjoy.

A great little trade adding some new Jays cards to the collection!

Separately, I fell into another 6 random hockey card win on Listia which meant getting these...

The bad news - the Burke McDonalds card is a duplicate. The good news - this one is perfect condition and will replace the slightly crunched corner one I had. The 2010 Victory card is nice - second rookie card of these I've picked up. Other than that, meh for the cards...oh well, the surprise of not knowing is still fun.

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