Sunday, January 15, 2017

Pack Attack - 1990 Score Baseball

So, my question for myself today is...why am I opening this I have a complete boxed set of 1990 Score as well as the Motion Picture cards...I am missing dupes of a few Jays I need for the team set to be complete, separate from the I guess we will use that as the excuse reason.

Here is the pack....

That price is probably about what they would still go for these days...

So, of the 16 cards and 1 motion trivia card, let's see what we have!

Well, this was the first card, so right off the bat, the pack is a good one for me since this is one of the Jay cards I needed a duplicate of.

The next bunch of cards are a bit underwhelming, though I love a good Andre Dawson card, and a rookie Knoblauch isn't too shabby either.

The motion card is for Mickey Mantle out of 1956, a good year to get.

The rest of the cards, none of which I will be keeping are:

That is an excellent group of cards. The middle row of stars are quality players, but to end the pack with Sosa and Griffey Jr which are a couple of the "great" cards from the set, is excellent.

I will admit I had low expectations of this pack, so it would have been easy to exceed those expectations, but between the Fernandez card, and few stars including Griffey and Sosa - couldn't have asked for much more. Would have been a pack well worth the 55 cent tag though. So if anyone is looking for a pack fresh Griffey, just let me know!

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