Saturday, January 7, 2017

What makes an authentic autograph

A bit of a different post today - a bit more of a discussion.

I picked up the following off of Listia for about fifty cents equivalent...

The 1987 O Pee Chee mini which is hand signed was a quick pick up, well, just because I thought it might be a decent autograph to have and I couldn't say no at the low price.

It came with the following:

Obviously, it is not like an official authenticity letter from Upper Deck, O Pee Chee, but at least provides some letter of assurance (you would think) that the guy isn't trying to rip you off.

Obviously it is only worth as much as the person signing it - anyone could just make these up - but you would figure if they are running enough of an online business, that they wouldn't fall into that trap.

So what do you think about these kind of authentication letters? Would you put any real weight into it? Do you think they really add any authentication? Has anyone else ended up buying from Byron's Hockeyland?

Again, for the price, I had no problem picking it up on a whim.


  1. I wouldn't put any trust behind a COA like that, who's Byron's Hockeyland to anyone in the grand scheme of authentication anyway, right. Which makes it worse, is that he doesn't even guarantee that it's been signed by Petri, "to the best of my knowledge" doesn't sound all that confident. Regardless, it's most likely a good graph - I would toss the silly COA that came with it though.

    1. Fair enough - I would have liked if it was at least a "signed in my presence" statement. Or if it was at least from a significant seller like Dave and Adam's Cardworld.