Saturday, January 28, 2017

Pack Attack - 2015 Series Two Baseball

Hello, and welcome for another pack opening thanks to St. Nick. Last one actually, but at least it is a decent one. Once again, here is the pack:

Now, let;s see what we end up with...though the good news is, since I only have a handful of cards from series two, there shouldn't be any duplicates.

I like the design of 2015 better than 2016 - actually probably one of the better of the last decade or so.  I also like the fact the border is tweaked for team colours - I always find this makes the cards much more attractive from a team collection standpoint. Though you get a lot of the typical photos, the set did have some nice and different ones - a good example above is the Gregor Blanco card with the slide into home.

Not huge stars for the most part, but a couple good ones with CC and...

Chipper with a Heart of the Order insert. The cards are a bit too dark for my liking, but I like the concept of the inserts.

The last card in the pack was the best to me personally - and not just for the awesome glasses...

I needed this card for my Jays collection as well, so it makes this pack a win. Much better than opening a bunch of Triple Play packs!

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