Sunday, January 22, 2017

Pack Attack - 2014 Prizm Perennial Draft Picks Baseball

Well - a bit of a step up from yesterday. Okay, a big step up, though these are still not generally my thing, as these are heavy on prospects and trying to get early cards of future stars (and likely a lot of never were's).

This is a relatively small set at 100 base cards, though there are only 4 cards a pack as shown on the front:

Once you factor in the different parallel and insert sets, the number of cards balloons to somewhere close to a million. Okay, maybe not quite, but let's leave it by saying, significantly. Also of course, the autos and relics are a big part of this - because you never know when that early auto will be of a future hall of famer before hitting the big time - or that guy who will work at the bank/car wash/restaurant down the street in 10 years.

Of the base set, there are four Jays available - any chance I can get them all in one pack? How awesome would that be? Anyone had luck like that - if so, buy me a lottery ticket please!

Still looking to crack the major leagues having gone 7-10 in double AA ball with a WHIP of 1.11 and ERA of 3.45.

I will say, the card stock is solid, as is typical for Prizm products, and the design is fine. As usual the reflective borders still do a good job scanning as well.

Another who is working on making it through the minors and hasn't yet made AAA, let alone the majors.

Still in single A ball - not progressing much the last couple years, at least from what his stats show.

Lastly, an insert:

Still a solid design on these cards as well. Luis hasn't made it past AA yet, and although with the Texas organization in 2014, is now with the Brewers organization.

So four cards and not one yet that has made the majors. I am torn in whether to even keep any of these - it isn't necessarily a "minor league" set, but they are not yet at the majors. Not sure whether I would count Toronto drafted players as "Jays" really for my collection, but I am leaning towards no, but would love the opinion of others.

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