Sunday, September 3, 2017

A completed set and Pokemon cards with guest input from my son

I spent too much on these....but I completed a set....but paid too much for the five cards....but a set I probably wouldn't have easily completed is done....but I feel a bit guilty on the cost....but I can justify that if I did get them somewhere online, the shipping would have probably evened the cost out....

Okay - I think I can accept that argument and move on....

So, on Friday, I went to the CNE (Canadian National Exhibition) which is an annual event in Toronto. Big deal - lasts two weeks at the end of August / start of September, is like a carnival with rides and games, but also has some free shows (such as us meeting Mike The Knight, watching the SuperDogs, and seeing an acrobat/figure skating even which included Elvis Stojko) as well as numerous booths for, well everything.

One of the booths has cards and collectibles stuffs. Last time I went (two years ago - pre-blog) I saw some $1 packs of team bag random cards, and some 1997-98 Pinnacle Beehive cards. I picked up some packs back then, but passed on the Beehive cards because I had needed a good 15 or so to complete the set.

This year, lo and behold, he was there with a lot more of the Beehive cards - and my needs were down to three for the set, and a couple more needed for the Leaf binder. So, I picked up the cards I needed for the set, and most of the Leafs I needed for the Leaf collection. Okay, I also spent $10 on random card baggies (14 - with 20-30 cards each which cover sport and non-sport, so who knows what is a Santa Lot pull...will spread these out over a while here of course).

So what cards did I need and pick up?

With a base set of 75 cards, all of them are pretty big name such as these.

But this was probably the big one of the three that I needed. An awesome card, but there was only one so I still need one technically for the Leaf binders, but I am not overly anxious about getting that one, would like it, but not the end of the world.

I did however get these couple just for the Leaf binder.

Great pick ups, and I am sure the random packs will be too, but will save those for later.

Separately, I got my son a pack of cards and asked him to go through it with me and tell me what he thought of the cards (he is almost 7, and isn't yet really playing the game, so this should be interesting).

The pack we are opening is...

Like every pack, it includes an online code card:

Also, with the Sun & Moon boosters, you get a random energy card as well:

Now I'll let you know what Jacob thought of the cards...

I like him because he looks different from the original card of Rattata, and he is a dark card.

It's almost like Rock n Roll, and he's cute for a rock.

I think Chinchou is cool because of his glowing bulbs.

I think he is a cute crab, for having mushrooms on his back, and his evolve form is bigger than you think.

He is kind of cool because he looks like yarn basically. I wonder how they got the arn effect.

I think he is cool because he is the evolve of Rowlet. Leaf blaze is a good move too because it does 50+ so more than just 50 damage.

It's nice to get him in the same pack as Rattata so Rattata can evolve into him.

His name is funny, and he is so weak.

I already have this guy, but not in this set or with this picture.

This is a foil card which makes it shiny and special and he looks kind of cool surfing.

Jacob also though the pack was pretty good overall since it had a number of new to him cards.

Hope you enjoyed my special guest write ups - he definitely knows more about Pokemon than I do.


  1. Is it bad that I'm now wondering if the one is the Ayatollah of Roggenrola?? I'll see myself out... lol

    Haven't been to the CNE in probably 6 or 7 years now.. Not sure I could handle the people anymore. That and no money lol

    1. I like that

      The crowds are crazy - that's why we planned and went when there were no discounts on getting in, or other big events, and why we arrived when it opened. It was more than fine 10am - 3pm, but by time we left around 7pm, there were lines for everything and it was way too busy even walking outside.

  2. Very cool to have a special guest commentator!