Saturday, September 16, 2017

Dollarama 15 - Guaranteed Leaf and a trade

So today, I have a 15 card assorted hockey pack from Dollarama which I picked up solely because one of the visible cards was a Leaf, so I figured if nothing else, I was getting that for my $1. Hopefully I lucked out and got something else worthwhile also...

First, those cards that are dupes and thus available if anyone wants them...

A good showing with just three dupes, and from the typical fare of junior hockey, 1990-91 Topps and 1990-91 Bowman.

The keepers...

A good variety of sets in these keepers. I like the odd shot of stretching before the game for Poulin. I also like the Parkhurst in hand, doesn't scan as nice given the shininess though.

The inserts...

Did really well in getting two inserts in a repack, even if they are the usual suspects from what we have seen in the past. As much as I don't like pre-rookie cards or junior hockey cards, have to say that Fleury is a great card to get.


With 15 cards, excellent to get two Leafs in the pack. I knew I would be getting the Gardiner card - it was the guaranteed Leaf I saw on top in the pack, but the Berezin was a pleasant surprise, and my first card from the SP Authentic 1997-98 set

A great pack overall, a definite winner.

I also recently completed a trade with TCDB member Hundomatic which brought me some older Jays, and some newer Jays.

These are oversized 1985 Donruss cards. I like the fact that these have extended stats on the back which include fielding. Very nice cards and great adds.

These are the opposite - new Jays with a lot of burlap. Obviouisly very nice Heritage cards, and Jose's Bowman card isn't too bad either. Love the blue sky background with the Jays cards.

Really appreciate the trade, and made for some excellent adds, thanks again!

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