Friday, September 29, 2017

Another 15 from Dollarama

First - just because I picked it up for $0.98 at Toys R Us burried in their disney card packs section...

Too bad there was just the one, but now it's in my unopened pack collection.

Second, a couple quick pick ups off Listia with a couple Magic cards that I didn't have yet...

Well, another day and another quick 15 cards for a buck picked up at a Dollarama near, well, me.

These are the dupes from the pack. I appreciate the unique design of the Parkhurst subset - early 90s, this was a simple but effective design, though the flag and Red Wing uniform kind of clash for Nicklas.

As for the keepers:

Good variety, and I like the 2004 Parkhurst Original 6 sets - I still need to get more from the Leaf set though...

No matter where I seem to get these packs, this seems to be a staple of them, and yet, I haven't yet got a dupe, so no complaining (yet).

As for the Leaf content - I only was the James card, but got three!

Really like the James card though, first of the set I picked up, and getting three Leafs out of 15 cards - never going to complain about that - a great pack indeed!


  1. As usual nice pickups. Cool pack from Toys R Us, must have been a pack that some kid stored away to either buy later or to try to rip off.

    1. Too bad they hadn't stuck a bunch more aside - happy with the one, but would have been happier with more at that price!