Sunday, September 10, 2017

Pack Attack - 2007 Upper Deck Series 2 Baseball

Everyone watching out for Irma - stay safe and thoughts are with you all.

Also, before we get to the pack, a quick PWE trade I did with TCDB member setshot68

The 1987 cards are needs for the Topps set - getting a few of the "star" cards out of the way....I use that term loosely depending on your view of Roger. The Pillar in all of his 2017 Archive goodness, and to even out the trade, a nice Bonus MVP insert of Pedro.

Always appreciate these small PWE trades.

As for the pack, I ended up with two packs in one of the unopened pack boxes, put it aside, and now is the time to open this one. 2007 Upper Deck is a massive base set - 1,020 cards in total and I have....12 before opening this pack. I'm going to assume these will all be new for me.

Well, that is about as good a first card as I could hope for. Jason shared closing duties in 2004 before moving to being a set up man in Toronto for a few years before getting some more share opportunities before heading out of Toronto.

A nice signing pic.

I like these in game, but not in play photos.

Yes this is a checklist card, but I really like this, especially near the end of Griffey's career, though would have been better if we got to see his face instead of the back of his head.

Well, this makes the pack even better. A basic jersey swatch, but decent design and Manny is a great name for such a card so definitely happy with this one.

Definitely a great pack overall!


  1. Wow. I can't remember the last time that I opened a random pack and pulled a memorabilia card. Congrats!

    1. Trust me, it doesn't happen to me often either....probably about 5 times so far...but always adds to the fun in getting one.