Sunday, September 24, 2017

Listing some Listia

Have some Listia wins to share from the last little while - nothing too spectacular, but let's take a look anyway. Part of why I show these is to also give people an idea of what is there to be had. I only go for items with free shipping to Canada, and only earn points through doing surveys and don't otherwise change my behavior online - so I justify it as getting points and cards for doing nothing more than answering some survey questions.

First single card win:

1990 Topps Greg Myers:

Cost - 6,180 points (roughly equivalent to a quarter)
Why - Whenever I can pick up a Jay or Leaf card for these kind of points, I'll do it, even if I have a copy or two, or more already. Since the points never cost me anything, they are nice adds, and usually don't take away from anything else I am looking at getting there.

I also added a pack to my unopened pack collection:

Cost - 55,555 (roughly $2 equivalent)
Why - I didn't have a chance to get a pack of the 2017 National Baseball Day cards in person, let along one showing a Donaldson on the front, so getting this was almost as good. Best part was, the seller threw in this:

A Mike Trout promo card which was given away, I believe, when you spent over $10 - which I didn't have to do here.

A 2017 Topps Heritage card...

Cost - 45,555
Why? I overpaid for a base card, but don't mind because it is an awesome subset card that I didn't have to look elsewhere for. Yeah, I also got this just before I traded for a second one, but still happy with this purchase anyway. I have room for two in my collection!

1992 Donruss Triple Play Alomar

Cost - 3,786
Why?Like the rest that follow, I was sure I had at least one, but for the low cost, I could always use another.

1989 Donruss Moseby

Cost - 3,428
Why? I have a great reason, same as Musselman below...

1989 Donruss Musselman

Cost - 3,484
Why?'s a Jay card, do I need more

1989 Donruss Gruber

Cost - 3,353
Why? I actually needed a second one because this is an error card, so one for the error binder, one for the Jays binder.

A Magic card...

Cost - 65,000
Why? It is a mystic rare (fancy way of saying short print...) And since to buy it would be $3-4, getting it in Listia points was an easy enough sell for me. Is the card any good? Well - a 6/5 flying creature for 5 cast is great, even with the crew requirement. I would probably use it in my artifact deck.

So, if you have some spare time and want to work on getting a few cards, I'd recommend Listia. It's been worth my time at least.

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