Monday, September 25, 2017

Quad Wars - 1990-91 Upper Deck Hockey - Top Left

Now here is a classic junk wax, but solid set. This was Upper Deck's first foray into hockey after it came through with 1989 baseball cards. Definitely an increase in quality. At 550 cards, a decent size, and the only inserts were a small set of 9 player holograms. Where we stand going in, is about 30% of the set done, and my expectation that with collation being well, likely quite random, that I have no idea what to expect as far as percentage goes when this box is done.

The good news is - 12 cards per pack, 36 packs means 432 cards, so technically I could complete the set if I wind up with no real dupes in the packs, or compared with what I already have - so not likely at all. Now, having taken a closer look before getting into it - the box is the low series (first 400 cards only - the 550 was with the high number release which included cards then from 1-550). So, a better chance to get most of the first 400 cards, and then just have the remaining high number cards left since I do have some of those already.

Well, with that said, since there are 12 cards per pack, instead of going through each pack, I will do a full overview of each stack as a whole.

First - was able to pick up one of the Holographic inserts - these were new technology back in the day...

I already have one of the Gretzky cards (three of the nine are of him) but this was not the one, so now I have two. I am not sure how often these come up.

As for Leafs, did get some content there as well...

Was also able to add in a few uncorrected error cards:

As for the base set itself, up to about 42% complete which is alright given I will only be able to get it in the neighbourhood of 75-80% given it is a low numbered box. As for some examples of the base cards I picked up, here are the highlights...

These are the stars and just scream early 90s given the names. I like the simplicity of the Gretzky pic, and have talked before of liking the collector's choice works from the early 90s Upper Deck - great set of cards.

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