Saturday, September 2, 2017

Dollarama Baseball 80 - Still really good with just one Jay

Man, these packs are a whole ton of fun. For those who have completed many of the Topps sets 1986 - 1992, these would lose some interest as likely about 25% of the cards are from these sets. For me, since that isn't quite the case, I keep many of what I get. I also usually get a few Jays in each package, but here I only got the one. What exactly was in the pack, well here is a peek.

The Jays content:

Yup, just the one...out of 80....that's it....

The error card content:

Best part...actually ended up getting two of these in this one pack. Thankfully it is an error card so I am keeping one since this is a set I otherwise have completed.

The insert content (yes, I include the Diamond King cards even though they are base because they are just so darn awesome):

The Topps Chrome is, not surprising, similar to the design used for both basketball and football by Topps that year. I do like the design much better in Chrome compared to the flagship set.

The cards that were dupes:

The usual suspect sets - lots of Score, Fleer and Topps from the "junk wax" years. That said, still love getting the Griffey/Bonds Fleer card - I think that was one of the last few I needed to complete the set.

For those wanting to see everything to judge how these really are (and if they want to pick one or two up), here are the rest of the cards, all keepers for the collection as I didn't have any of these.

Lots of 1988 Topps adds.

Then onto 1990 Topps and 1991 Bowman.

This is where we make the jump between late 80s, early 90s, and into the 00s.

The Topps Chrome cards were never specifically my thing, but the more I see them, I can see the attraction, especially because they are such solid cards.

With not having much Bowman, Topps 206, or Spectrum cards, I got cards for the first time from about 405 different sets out of this pack.

There you have it, the entire pack. Hopefully this was as enjoyable to see as it was for me to open!


  1. I love those things.. I hope it's not just a summer thing for Dollarama to have them.. Though I expect All Hockey, All The Time soon enough

    1. Yeah - for better or worth I stocked up and have about 10 of these aside for a rainy day. I have been happily surprised that there is more non-"junk" content than I was expecting, and the add of inserts, even if just a couple or few, is nice too. Well worth three bucks.