Sunday, September 2, 2018

A little bit off everything in a PWE

Like most collectors, I have a hard time prioritizing - am I collecting Jays first, finishing sets, collecting Leafs, etc. I do enfd up with trades that also are a bit unfocused.

If I had to order the collecting goals, I have a hard time doing it in a single list. It is more like:
- Jays
- Leafs
- Wrestling Cards
- Magic Artifact Cards
Oh, and on the side, I work to complete sets.

I find it hard to think of the sets as an ordered goal, they are more like a side project. I guess that makes me a team collector first, but I still like completing sets.

That's a long way of saying my last trade with 860502 had a bit of everything.

The slow build for 1986 Topps continues. Actually, the Pete Rose card is a printing error, so I still need another copy for the set as this will go to the error binder. When the front is off enough like this (see the Pete Rose name on the 1965 card for a perfect example on it), I keep them as printing errors.

Not sure why I started (I think I had half of the 14 ad cards, so I figured why not), but this is 11 of 14 cards for the Topps Store from the 1989 Topps set I now have to go with the completed base set. I don't plan to get all insert sets don, will likely stop with the set once I have the last three add cards.

Getting whittled down on the cards remaining for this one, just about a dozen base cards to go, but this was the last big name remaining....not that the cards were hard to get per se.

Always liked the Grand Slammers inserts - nice to get a Jay I was missing.

Feelings about Roger aside, this is the first Hobby Reserve card I have from 1997 Score, so I like it for that reason.

The more I see of early 2000 Donruss, the more I like these sets. Good card stock, decent design, and a time I don't have much for.

A nice red border Turkey Red card of Delgado ends this PWE and is my favourite card of the pack. I liked Turkey Red for the way the cards were done trying to capture a bit of a classic design look and feel. It's a parallel of a variation card....yeah, cards can be confusing.


  1. What 1990 Topps cards are you missing now? I might be able to help out with that..

    1. I have three trades incoming which, if all works out, means I am only going to be missing 736. Completing this one kinda snuck up on me!

    2. That also assumes I didn't mess up. Once I think I am done I pull the set and do a full count through to ensure I didn't make a boo boo...

    3. And 736 is one I don't have a dupe of.. lol