Saturday, September 22, 2018

Listia Catch Up

First before Listia - I found I had a completed set I didn't realize - 1990-91 Pro Set hockey. With all of the errors, I had a couple cards in the error binder instead of the full set, and I much rather be just looking for an extra copy for the error binder, so just like that - poof - a 705 card set is done! Not sure when I got the last card....

Anyway, it has been a few weeks since sharing some Listia card wins with you, so why not do that today.

First up...

Is it an overly exciting card? No. Is it a card I needed? No. It was however a card that cost me the equivalent of 4 cents, and is a Blue Jay....on that alone, easy pickup!

Some wrestling card pickups for less than a dime each...

I wasn't a big fan of TNA around 2008-2012, so didn't see much of these wrestlera, but now is a better time than any to pick up a bit of knowledge. Madison Rayne actually is part of the Mae Young Classic this year going by her first name Ashley.

All these were quick back to back auctions from the same seller and all came together. I like the heritage design which goes back to the old 80s design. I really wish I held onto those old wrestling cards, but maybe I can pick up some this way as well....fingers crossed!

As you can see, focus lately on Listia has been more on wrestling - fun getting into it again with cards, and these seem to be more prevalent on Listia now, so it works out well.

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