Saturday, September 15, 2018

Pack Attack - 2012-13 Score Hockey The Fifth

Just having the midnight deadline last night - give me a day, contest winner for the 1,000 post will be up for tomorrow, thanks!

Here we go with the last of the five packs I have...obviously...

The keepers for today - and the first card out of these packs from the Award Winner subset. I appreciate any subset recognizing the awards, and pictures like this are great with the award really being the centre of attention.

As per usual, one gold rush card, which I also didn't previously have.

And we end with the best pack yet...

I did already have both of these, but I have no problem taking a second of each, especially the Bower since I only need one more card from the insert set to complete it, and would need a second Bower for the Leaf collection anyway.

For sure, best for last in these packs.

Before I go, just another show of cards where you wouldn't expect them as I ended up in an Indigo I wouldn't usually be in, and was able to (from memory as I didn't have my phone), add two more unopened packs to the collection...

These are also nice as I now have at least one pack from each Upper Deck flagship hockey set from 2007-08 to 2017-18 which is a nice little run. Ideally I will end up with one from each release as well, but bit by bit on these.


  1. I missed your post on 1000 but congrats! The design on Score looks pretty good. I appreciate the simplicity about Score

    1. It is an attractive design in the simplicity. I am going to try having a few more contests - so next time!