Thursday, September 20, 2018

Dollaram 80 for $3 - Jays Guaranteed

I wanted to start another 80 card pack for $3 today, and figured I would start with the card I picked this there was a Blue Jays card showing, so I knew I would at least get the one. Question is, what else do I get...

The two horizontal cards are new for me, and the 2010 Topps team card was one showing which is why I picked up this pack. If nothing else, was happy to get this card regardless because, have seen a few of the other team cards from the set, I really wanted the Jays one. The others were just a bonus so far.

I know it is a subset card, but again, I like me the diamond king cards and count this for my inserts/parallels, etc binders. 1987 Donruss - works well for me!

The rest of the keepers...

I like the Barfield card, even if it is post his Jays time.

Here we get a good example of Opening day circa early 2000s. With the recent years where the only difference between Opening Day and the flagship set is the Opening Day stamp, I like the difference in border colour here to help differentiate them and at least make them different cards.

We end with getting my first 2017 Donruss card.

As for the rest of the cards, the traders...

I do like the 1994 Ted Willaiams set, but it is a shame that I seem to get the same cards as I only had a handful of different cards even though I have found about 20 in these packs.

I am not going to complain getting three Jays cards out of 40 - so today is definitely a success.


  1. Yeah.. That Cliff Floyd seems to multiply in those Dollarama repacks.