Sunday, September 30, 2018

CNE Pack #4 - Visiting the Planet 17 years later

Already the end of September! Time sure flies as it doesn't feel like the kids have been back to school for a month already. The last few days have been fun, so another CNE pack today, but then I will start something else tomorrow - more on that later.

The "out there" part of this pack to start...

Planet of the Apes cards out of 2001. I wish I had something to say other than that these are an interesting set of cards, but Planet of the Apes - in any version - is not a movie I have seen and not one that interests me - the original, or this one.

I will say, nicely done cards and if anyone does have interest in these just let me know.

The sleep hit of the pack...

Since I am on a wrestling card kick having picked up interest again in collecting the cards to go with my love of wrestling in general, I will gladly take a new wrestling card of our Olympic Hero. I understand why WWE cut ties with him in the 00s from a health perspective, but he had a great run in TNA before finally returning after getting himself back on track personally.

The actual reason I picked up this pack - more 2006-07 Parkhurst, including a number I needed...

As I said yesterday, really like these cards so love getting a few more.

The last couple new for me cards...

As for the dupes in the pack...

Unfortunate the darker cardboard was 1987 Topps, and that these Parkhurst cards were dupes - would have loved to get more new ones, but just means good trade bait!

As for tomorrow, I thought of a good theme for the month of October for the blog. and luckily thought of it a couple months ago, so have been saving and putting together some things to be able to post for the month. If you are intrigued - check it out tomorrow...thank you!


  1. So odd to see Apes cards in a repack!

    1. Though I don't collect them, I do like seeing the oddballs like that.