Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Pack Attack - 2014-15 O Pee Chee Platinum Hockey

Today we continue the O Pee Chee treatment, but move to platinum...

We only get four cards in these packs, so hopefully it's worth it's while and we find one to talk about, or this will be a very short post!

Being Platinum, the set is a step up in quality (and price). The cards are very nice though, so can't complain on the quality of stock, and the design is still very O Pee Chee, front and back.

This is the hit of the pack though - a Rainbow Retro card which are one in every 20 packs. The seems to be a TJ Oshie hot box given the card yesterday as well. Interesting to pull them out back to back like this in two random packs.

The rainbow scans very nicely, and the tinge of blue does go very nicely with the St. Louis Blues team colours. I will make the same complaint as most with the backs of the O Pee Chee cards - plenty of empty space when the stats are a little light.

A nice quick little pack, with not a bad card - though no Leaf, but with only 4 cards, that was more than likely going to happen.

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