Friday, September 28, 2018

CNE Pack #2 - Continuing Stargell

Yesterday's was so fun, I didn't want to wait to get to another one. Another 25 cards from various sports, oh and I forgot, also one good team bag to reuse for trades - can't forget the importance of that per pack too.

I tried to avoid the obvious chunks of cards which you could tell, and wouldn't want, from looking at the side of the repacks, such as 1991 Donruss. I knew there was some here, but took my chances on this one. Glad I did.

Nice to pick up a needed puzzle piece. It wasn't really needed - I have two complete Stargell puzzles with the decimals on the back, but want to complete another to be able to get rid of it as a whole set. Also nice that the McD card, which was the one I could see on the end, and was why I picked the pack, was one I needed.

This is why the pack was worth picking up. Guy Larose was new for the collection, but three Toronto cards in 25 is a nice ration I hope to see again.

A decent other bunch of keepers - lots of 1992-93 Upper Deck hockey to go with a few more Studio 1993 baseball cards.

As for the dupes...

If anyone needs any of these, let me know.

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