Tuesday, September 25, 2018

A raddie big baddie

Only three more artifact cards in the second half of the 100 Magic card Dollarama pack, but a new one that I really like...

That's one big bad guy. Great for the mana cost, but hard to have to ensure 5 creatures to use to "man" the vehicle. Still, could find a way to use so quick casting small creatures to do it. Still will always prefer the Colossus of Sardia, but not a bad runner up.

The other couple artifact cards...

Not nearly as exciting, and already had one of each, but nice adds nonetheless.

As for the rest of the cards, not too much of interest to highlight, but a couple cards so I'll highlight the earlier and later cards as usual.

One of these card looks a lot different than the others...

The card middle top is from 1998's Portal Second Age. The Portal sets (there were three) were very different from the rest of the sets, but personally, I really like them. The first Portal set is based on Chinese mythology, specifically the Three Kingdom. For any of you that played the Romance of the Three Kingdoms games - that's the same mythology. So you have cards of figures like Lu Bu and Lie Bei as well as Cao Cao.

It was a very interesting tie in, but the portal cards are generally harder to find (and more expensive past the commons).

Again, surprised to see more 2018 cards. I am a bit surprised to see Shatter. That's a card I remember from the revised edition back in 1994. I know the reprint some cards, but still reprinting 24 years later - wow! The art is much better these days, but I don't mind the old classic more cartoonish at times artwork.

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