Thursday, September 13, 2018

Pack Attack - 2012-13 Score Hockey The Third

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Here we are day three of five when it comes to pack of 2012-13 Score Hockey.

Just a couple overall comment so far - although the design is fairly basic, this isn't a bad set. Other than suffering from the typical of only showing the past few years, instead of a full history like O Pee Chee cards do, the design is pretty clean and straightforward.

Today's pack is a bit of long term deja vu.

A bunch of duplicates in this pack - so likely I had a very similar one a while ago - maybe on one of these repacks as well.

All in, just a single base keeper...

Now a solid part of the Winnipeg Jets, Mathieu started by being drafted and playing a few years with Washington.

The gold rush parallel...

After 7 seasons with Chicago, last year Marcus spent the season with the Hurricanes. At least this was a new gold rush card for me, so only 2 out of 7 cards for keeps this time.

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