Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Pack Attack - 2012-13 Score Hockey The First

I say the first because I have a few to open over the next few days from the box of packs, so why not one a day. After yesterday's fiasco, I am just hoping to get the number of cards promised today.

That will be familiar for the next few days....

I have 154 of 548 base cards, so should be a lot of needs as far as the set go, and hopefully a couple inserts in these...

Did well on these as all five base cards were new. The Stamkos being a Season Highlight subset card being the best of these

Here is the promised gold rush parallel..

Another I didn't have - not that I have too many gold rush parallels.


I like these first goal inserts. It is an important part of any career, and I wouldn't mind it being an insert set every year as I am sure you could get a good 25-50 card group out of it.

Sven has spent his time in the NHL thus far split between a Calgary start and Vancouver being his team now. Decent enough career for the first 5 or so seasons.

A solid first pack that leaves me happy - much improved from yesterday!


  1. The Andrew Shaw first goal is one of my two wallet cards.

    1. Which begs the question....what is the other one?

    2. It's a Ryan Klesko card. It's a sentimental thing. I have it on a list of things to write about on my blog (beansballcardblog.com0.