Friday, April 5, 2019

A Borje-ing pack

As I wind down the box of 2015-16 Champs cards, knowing there are the two memorabilia hits to come, this is a good get as it is a semi short print Leaf.

I have done fairly well on the Leaf contingent as I have about half the team set now through the base (including short prints, etc).

Given the one box is about 1/3 of the "base" cards, I would say that's punching above weight class for the box - hopefully that holds true for the rest of this box.

Here is a good example in the rest of the base, why the Islanders black uniforms are blah to me - they look very similar to LA's black uniforms. Some of these unis just lose too much of the team uniqueness in trying to be different and new (and sell more merchandise).

With 4 packs to go, I stick by my early guess that this will be top box by time it is least so far this year.

15 packs, 90 cards, 369 points.

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