Friday, April 26, 2019

More numbers

I was hoping to get this card after getting my first Numbers Game card a couple days ago...actually would have been happy with any Jays featured numbers card, but this one is my fave given the different Jays in the insert set...

Robbie had his number retired by the Jays in 2011, same year he went into the Hall. Definitely a great at second base, and one of the key parts of the Jays back to back World Series teams in the early 90s.

The mini for this pack...

A nice little Matt Kemp. Then we finish with the four regular, everyday, base cards...

Ok, I guess Anthony Anderson isn't a regular everyday base card since, as an actor, he doesn't get many cards put out there. He will always be Teddy from Hang Time in 1996-97 - his first regular role I believe. It was part of the Saturday morning line up on NBC back in the day I believe.

4 Packs, 23 Cards, 142 points.

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