Tuesday, April 30, 2019

A New(ish) Dollarama Product

These are not new anymore - think I have seem them around for about 6 months on and off, but hadn't pulled the trigger until fairly recently. Figure this is a nice repack to split over two days...

I expect these will be similar to the baseball ones that have been around a couple years, but I guess I'll find out first hand today.

As usual, I hope for more than half being cards new to me, ideally a couple Leafs for some Toronto content, and an insert or two would be great.

Time to see how the first half goes today.

Well, I think this is enough to call this side a success - 4 Leafs is a great start. I didn't have either of the Cullen or Potvin which are nice adds. Potvin's post here is a nice clean one though a little tame for Stadium Club, but still very nice.

A single insert which is very much like many of the 15 card repacks I have opened before. If I finish this insert set, I think it will be all because of these repacks.

The rest of the keepers...

Happy with the number of new cards for me, including a needed a 1990-91 American Score card since that set is getting close to done (Makarov).

A bit more In The Game than I like as they were never a brand I really enjoyed, but at least they are different.

The card showing on the pack was the Brodeur and the last card in the dupes below (which I had hoped wasn't a dupe).

As for the dupe cards...

My overall impressions after the first half....definitely worth the fun for the $4 so far, and if I end up with a couple more Leaf cards in the other half, that'll make up for the excess In The Game content. Also (knock on wood), I am shocked there were only 3 Bowman cards from 1990-91 - though maybe that changes tomorrow...


  1. 3 Bowmans, all grouped together, seems about right for one of these.

  2. 1990-91 might be marred by overproduction, but I still think it's one of the best years of hockey to collect. I'm a huge fan of the OPC Premier, Pro Set, Score, and Upper Deck designs. Plus the rookie class was outstanding.