Wednesday, April 3, 2019

This generations Forsberg

Definitely more a case of name being the same, today's short print card (and pack highlight)...

He may not be as strong an all around player yet as Peter Forsberg was, but Filip is still doing well for himself.  Filip has been very consistent his first few years, and though not quite on the level of Peter (different generations, so hard to really compare fairly), a great player in his own right and star for Nashville. Like Peter, Filip is exciting to watch play.

As for the rest of the cards...

At least the pack also had a nice couple of goalie cards. The extra equipment on the basic design does a good job in standing our and making these look a little more unique.

A pretty basic pack today, but maybe that means something more tomorrow?

13 packs, 78 cards, 313 points.

A nice trade share today to finish with another Hilochef PWE trade. I sent a few basketball cards away and was able to get a good bunch of Jats and Leafs back in return.

The baseball cards consist of newer sets, though  under represented in my collection as far as Heritage, Gypsy Queen and A&G are concerned.

Yeah - there are some 2012-13 Score Leafs I am still missing.

Nothing like Leafs in Artifacts sets to make me happy!

A bunch of newer MVP cards too. This is the main way I get cards from newer sets, through trade, so happy to get this bunch.

A big thanks for the influx of Toronto cards!

Also - a quick note for everyone - March was my busiest work-wise, and April looks to be shaping up the same - sigh. We lost a member of our tax team, so the work is piled on this year. I'll still have a few minutes for posting each day, but may not be quick to respond otherwise. Apologies in advance, and hope to see you all on the other side in May!

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