Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Yay to new base

You may have noticed, I don't have much to say on the playoffs. Basketball is ongoing, and so is hockey. Truthfully - I have so little time in April, I more just hope that the Toronto teams are still in the playoffs on May 1, so I can then actually watch some of it.

From an unwinding standpoint, for what little time I have, I much rather be here and just catching up on scores where I can.

Ah well, under 2 weeks to go!

I was getting a bit scared I wouldn't see any more base cards that I needed in this blaster. Well, one is better than none. Besides, any Brock card is a solid one to add - especially with the Beast Slayer.

Speaking yesterday of Lana, and here she is from the insert set - another one I needed from that insert set. I can almost hear the faux Russian accent exuding from the card.

SHocking to think this was from 14 years ago. I remember Piper wrestliong well from his heyday, let along remember his induction in 2005. Again a need though, that's good.

We end with the rest of the dupes.

The good news is, I should have a solid 50% of the set to trade to anyone who wants a leg up on this sucker. Anyone out there interested, just let me know.

7 packs, 49 cards, 112 points

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