Wednesday, April 24, 2019

An A&G Relic

Well, what do you know...

it's a Cano! This is a full size Type B relic card....yeah, why we need that much detail for a card is annoying. Just a plain white swatch, and odds of one per 70 packs, so probably the long odd card of this box, but really nice, and one I am happy with.

Sweet! The odds for the A&G backed mini are one per 5 packs, and getting a nice Jays one with Pillar is even better!

As for the base...

Not just three base, the Beltre is a short print (if you care about that type of thing) with one every other pack apparently. One thing I do dislike about this, and many sets these days, is the short printing of base cards. Just make it a chase insert set or something.

That won't keep me down as this will be a hard pack to beat out of this box.

2 Packs, 11 Cards, 109 points.

Oh and my two cents on the Leafs...though a better performance, a repeat in result from last year which is disappointing. I guess the starting point next year is hoping Boston doesn't make the playoffs...


  1. Congratulations on pulling a relic! And it's of a perennial all-star to boot.

    1. Did make for a good pack, and box really. A sweet card.