Thursday, April 25, 2019

Going Wild

It's no rally monkey (a card I still need to keep an eye out for or trade for...but I digress), but these mascots in the wild inserts (which fall one every eight packs) are another nice A&G type insert set. Don't really collect horses, but would make a different type of team collection card for a Rangers fan.

Some nice base cards, and though no longer a Jay by this point, we have Revere. Ben was one of the younger ones I was hoping would stick around with the Jays.

A nice short print rookie in Pedro, and the mini for the pack is...

As much as I like the minis for being different - my eyes do not like the mini stats on the back. Basically no way I am going to read them...

Well, we finally get a bit of a come down after a couple really nice packs, which is to be expected, but still more decent stuff to come I am sure.

3 Packs, 17 Cards, 127 points.

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