Saturday, April 13, 2019

Turning the Paige

Definitely the highlight of this pack of 2016 Road to Wrestlemania cards. I'm torn on the design as the women have a more pink tinged background which I actually like better, but kind of goes against the whole thought of treating them the same as the men.

Unfortunately there was only one other keeper in this pack - hopefully not a trend...

Man - can't believe that is about 20 years ago...

As I say, hopefully not a trend that the base cards are all dupes...

I guess if your in for a second blast, you are all in, as it were.

3 packs, 21 cards, 60 points


  1. Nice Paige. I added her autograph to my collection last year. She definitely easy on the eyes.

    1. I'm glad that she is staying around the industry and within WWE post-retirement.

    2. She was signing at a Toy Expo my buddy set up at last summer. I was helping him out, so he gave me one of her signatures. Had no idea who she was, but she was gorgeous... so I gladly accepted. You can see the photo here:

    3. Very nice. Going to have to check out the movie about her life - Fighting With My Family.