Sunday, April 7, 2019

Salmon Anyone?

Not sure if I am more excited about today's pack, or the two remaining which should be the two other hits in this box - had the autograph already appear in the first half I believe.

Still, not a shabby pack that is highlighted by a second fish from the box...

An interesting subset, and more fish knowledge than I knew before. As an insert, it'll keep in my collection, but nothing more really. The design is good for the subject matter, I will give it that.

Derek is a solid rookie card to get - he became a mainstay as soon as he hit the main roster, a solid part of the D line. Again, only complaint with the black and white unis here is the lack of colour in the card.

As for the base of the base...

No more Leafs, but a Sharp pack nonetheless - pun intended.

17 packs, 102 cards, 407 points.

Actually, on that summary note - given there should be a couple memorabilia cards ahead, I should be right on with this being the best box of the year for by how much...let's see in the next couple days...

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