Saturday, April 20, 2019

My Fave Card In The Set

We end the "normal" packs (I still have the relic pack for tomorrow which looks like it will make or break this blaster), and by far my favourite card of the base set, which I didn't need, but also the bronze parallel.

I spoke about the moment before, so won't detail again other than to say, this perfectly captures the laugh in your face "FU" moment between the two mid match. Fit the mood of the feud perfectly.

Again, a bunch of dupe base cards, and then a final insert for keeps...

Doesn't get much bigger than the game - and that does mean at least in the two blasters, I now have 19 of the 30 cards in this insert set. Happy to trade if anyone has the missing ones - just reach out in the comments and we can work something out.

10 packs, 70 cards, 153 points

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