Tuesday, November 19, 2019

At least there be green

The pre-card comment for today....there have been some comments about PWE trades that go across border being inspected under new rules/guidelines or the like, with customs. I am not going to change who I trade with at this time, though I may move to just using clear team bags to make it easier if anyone wants to inspect the PWE cards. This would be a change, as I typically reuse packaging from individual packs (since they are made to hold and transport cards).

I figure, if they are going to be opening PWEs, I don't want that process to cuse damage to trade cards, so have to make it as easy as possible for them not to mess up the cards.

If you have had any experiences yet with such opened mail, feel free to share in the comments. I am hoping the new practice doesn't cause a big decrease in people wanting to do PWE trades.

Today another hockey surprise $2 bag from Dollarama - and yes, I do pick up a lot of little packs at Dollarama which pile up, but give me something to open on the odd days or periods, like this, where I don't have anything specific I am working through.

So what is in the bag you ask?

Well, I can always use some extra card sleeves, so successful for the pack on that, now let's see if I can land a Leaf or two in the packs.

Unfortunately I didn't luck out and get a Leaf pack as that would be too perfect. One of these is a keeper for one of the set builds, Erixon, but the rest are decent nonetheless.

Regardless of who you consider the superstar - none are the superstar personally since none of these are needs, or otherwise make it into my collection.

No Leafs in the bunch....but the sleeper here is the nice green McCarthy - which is actually an insert, so along with the Ladd keeper, two for the collection at least.

Well, I got 100 sleeves if nothing else! :)


  1. That was also Mylnikov's only card from his NHL stint, so there's also that.

  2. I went into the Dollarama by my work and was upset to see the only cards they have now are Pokemon and Magic.

    1. Hopefully that is only temporary. What I consider the "unicorn" of card packages at Dollarama is the (I believe) $4 pack of card which is 40 cards and is guaranteed a hit. I only saw these once.

  3. Completely forgot that the Rangers had both Richter and Beezer for a few years back in the day.