Thursday, November 28, 2019

This may be the last one I get

SO this 80 dollar repack of hockey cards from Dollarama is a good example of why this may not be the way for me to add to my collection going forward. Having cut down the hockey sets I am collecting, it really reduces the number of additions to the collection I get from these.

The good news is, they provide trade fodder I guess, so I get the fun of opening the pack, and also get something to trade away, just not sure that is enough compared to getting a half pack that was worthwhile.

Prime example, here are the set adds from this half...

Yup - just the three.

To be fair, there were other keepers of course error card...

A Leaf card (which was showing, and the reason I picked this one out)...

As well as a few inserts/parallel collection cards...

Oh, and then all the traders...

As usual, a bunch of 1990-1993 cards, just nothing much from the sets I need, and in those, crds I need. A sprinkling of 2000-2015 cards including some In The Game cards, which are nice for being something a bit different, but nothing that "hits" here.

If nothing else, three Boston cards I don't need which I will be putting away for local collector Jeff. Once I get 100-200, I'll send him an email and pass them along.

Anyone out there that wants to be my go to sender for a specific team, let me know as it is easy enough to stick aside the cards for teams as I go and trade them for Toronto cards in return. Helps if you are find getting dupes of course, as I am.

Let's see if tomorrow will salvage the pack, and my thoughts on picking these up.

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  1. Glad to see another Georges Vezina card out there. I feel like there should be more floating around our hobby.