Saturday, November 16, 2019

Every card is not alright

2014 Topps Opening Day isn't a set on my collecting list, so this isn't the end of the world to me, but I mentioned that the pack was sliced open down the side. I had thought there was no damage to the actual cards - oops.

A bit hard to see on the scan (I should have put a coloured page behind to pick it up), but a sliver of the card is about to come off on the left there. Well, this goes into the packing material pile...

I do question the quality of the packs going into these repacks though, when I have had an issue with a couple packs the last coupe times.

So, since I don't collect the set itself, the only keeper is the following (which fall every five packs):

Mascot cards always get a thumbs up from me as I really enjoy these insert sets. Mascots need card love too (as do stadiums, but I would probably draw the line at cards for umpires).

Can't complain about the photography given these examples, especially the Heyward which is a magnificent shot before (one would presume).

3 packs, 22 cards, 44 points


  1. It's funny you mention umpire cards...
    In the one blaster of Archives I bought this year, I had a Fan Favourites Auto of Laz Diaz.

  2. The Mascot inserts are one of my favorite inserts sets each year... and hands down my favorite thing about Opening Day.

  3. What in the world is that White Sox mascot supposed to be? A hairy gecko?

    1. I was thinking some kind of over sized mold spore...