Monday, November 25, 2019

Dupes shouldn't be this quick

I swear that this is literally the other half of the 80 card pack I started yesterday. I bring this up because, there are a few doubles of cards that came up in the first half.

How many you ask? Well...see if you can guess and I'll let you know at the end.

Just the single Jays add - not a dupe from yesterday, but the third copy for the collection.

Not sure on the insert/Donruss King cards if the Donruss King is my card needed for the Donruss King set, or the extra for the error it is, but either way, last copy I need.

A good day on the set adds though...

An excellent bunch - my fave is Thigpen just chillin' in the dugout - just as coll, calm and collected as you would expect from a closer

The dupes...

Hey - nice Cano if nothing else, and Gypsy Queen cards are always good.

So - did you count them up? 8 cards. Out of 80 baseball card, there were 10 that were dupes within the same pack.

Yeah, not really acceptable at all. I know $3 for 80 cards isn't much, but I still wouldn't expect that many dupes in the same pack.

Maybe try our luck again in the next couple days?


  1. I've had packs where I get 4 or 5 sets of dupes. It's more infuriating when it's in the same side, like the Stubbs seems to have been for you.

  2. 10% duplicate rate is a little high for my taste as well. Between all of the different years and products these repacks pull from, they should be able to give you a better variety. Then again... who knows how they actually randomize these things. It'd be cool to visit their company and see their inventory and packaging process.

    1. It would be interesting to see. To what level do they separate the different sets and cards and then mush them back together into a pack. There would be some level of that process, otherwise you would expect there to be more 1989-1991 cards in these.