Friday, November 15, 2019

The last box of 2019

I have an idea of what I am going to be going through for the rest of this month, and I have December all planned out, which means today, I start the final box for opening for 2019.

A last repack box from Walmart. I scanned the back instead of the front because...

I wanted to show that sometimes there is truth in advertising. You don't usually end up with what is on the packaging with these things, but here you are - the Beckett card shown on the package. Actually, the front of the card is the Ohtani - so the box shows the back and front of this card.

As for the packs...

At least this works out as the 2017 series 2 pack here isn't damaged like the last one, so I get to put that pack aside for the pack collection.

Speaking of damage, the Opening Day pack actually had a rip down the side - cards look fine, but I might have to reconsider buying these boxes if the packs themselves can't even be on sealed condition.

Well today, let's look at the Triple Play packs.

Base card - 1 point (yes, all cards get a point)
Base card need - 2 points
Base variation card - 20 points
Base card Toronto card - 5 points
Base variation Toronto card - 50 points
Insert Card bonus - points based on odds - if 1 in 4 - worth 4 points, double if a Toronto card

Keepers are keepers I guess, even if they look like Saturday morning cartoon show sketches. Looking at you there Josh Hamilton....were you on that Recess cartoon a while back?

That Focus cards must have been put in to hypnotize as that must have been the only way to get people to buy more of these packs.

Has anyone ever wanted a sticker that simply says "yer out"?

Yeah...let's see 2013 now...

I was going to call these more base card wants - but I still can't say I really want them as much as them being base cards I didn't have yet.

At least the inserts are new to me as well, along with the Strasburg short print - I can't believe they actually have short prints in this thing.

At least the All Star inserts have a decent enough design. If I was so inclined, I could see making a custom set with replacement pictures on these.

2 packs, 15 cards, 33 points


  1. I keep thinking I'll be OK with these packs but it is definitely a brand that hasn't grown on me at all. Look forward to the rest of your pull.

  2. I picked up a collection today and saw a bunch of this Triple Play stuff. Ugh.
    This stuff haunts me. Part of the drive home, I was trying to come up with ideas on how my students could use them for a project.

    1. Kindling for the next campfire...though they probably would smell pretty bad.