Friday, November 1, 2019

More hockey repack goodness

A new month, and I figured I would take a second shot at one of the repacks at Walmart - here is the back of the package...

$5 for 35 cards - not as good as buying $1 packs at the Dollarama where you get 15 cards each, so will have to see if we end up with a little bit better on the results.

Happily, we get a few Leaf cards out of the bunch. A couple 1990-91 Upper Deck cards which I have a few of, and a nice Ultra card as well.

There were at least a few inserts as well which is great, including the one that was at the front of the package...

The Backstrom Puck Wizard insert was the one at the front of the pack, similar to the last pack I picked up of this. Nice to also get another Score gold border parallel, and as much as Patrick Roy is not my favourite of players, but it is still an insert card to be kept.

The rest of the keepers...

Yeah - a bunch more 2012-13 Score hockey cards, which goes with what I have been getting a bit of recently, and is fine enough for the repack but...I wasn't so lucky overall, as most of the dupes are from 1990-91 Upper Deck...

Well, at least the checklists have a great look to them, just don't need any of them.

Also - not sure why I end up with two identical cards out of 35, but so be it. A bit surprised as they were stuck together, I figured it was included in error, but I did end up with just the 35 cards.

Overall - meh - I should have just spent the $5 on 5 15 card hockey packs from the dollar store.


  1. That B&W Quick card made me flashback to the 1990 Score B&W Bo card.