Thursday, October 31, 2019

Happy Halloween 15

Wow to a great game 7 and first title for the Nats (or Expos). Fascinating for the away team to win every game, and a series so different that way, but exciting nonetheless. A great season ender. I will leave it at that as I am sure many will go over the details better than I, but a series that was better than most expected.

Hope everyone has a great Halloween this year. I don't really have anything card wise to open or look at that would fit the theme, so I've got a 15 card Dollarama pack of hockey cards, and we shall see if we at least get something colour coordinated for the occasion.

One colour scheme I am always happy to see is the white and blue...

Cujo is one of my favourite Leaf goalies behind (behind Potvin at least). The Bowman I had but both Cujo and Connor Brown were nice new adds. I don't mind seeing current year cards like Connor in these repacks (it was the front card on this package and the reason I picked it up.

For the other keepers, we hit some black and orange schemed cards.

A couple Flyers will fit the mood for today, and Schenn being mid autograph on a Portfolio card is great. One of the reasons I enjoy this set. I have about 130 of the 200 pure base (non-rookie, wire or other special shorter printed subsets) cards, so can see getting it done in the next year or so.

SOme traders including the, what seems to be usual, couple In The Game cards and a Bruins card that I already have another home to send it to, which is out of 2005 and one of the In The Game sets as well.

Have a safe trick or treat evening everyone!

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