Sunday, October 27, 2019

Miller Time

Perspective is so important. True in so many ways - be it of specific situations, or life in general - it is important to keep perspective. Sometimes in cards, we are given the same perspective picture, after picture and picture. Though this is to be expected - in hockey, most players are pictured skating or just standing in net, so when an insert like this Net Cam shot comes along with something of a different perspective - it stands out and looks so great.

It also gives something you really don't see, a decent perspective of the inside of the arena.

In baseball, you get stadium cards, though it is rare, they do happen. I can't recall there being many at all for hockey arenas. Heck, for any other sport collectors, like soccer, are there many pitch or stadium cards? Just curious.

Nice to get one of the net cam cards too since they fall every 18 packs.

A golden wWillie - needed it, as well as these base...

Nice star power among them, especially Kane. As for dupes, just one...

One time Leaf Stajan.

2 Packs, 78 cards, 202 points


  1. Great Ryan Miller card. Simple but pleasant design on these Score cards.

    1. Some times, that is all it takes for a solid card - and that's OK!

  2. When Miller helped Team USA win silver at the 2010 Olympics... I started PC'ing him. All of the guys who sold me his autographs back in the day sure made out like bandits ;)