Thursday, October 10, 2019

Kinda like a card in a card

Today, we have a card that is almost like a card in a card which tops the ones from the Jeff box today.

This Inside Info insert to SP has a tab which pulls the "inside info" out from within the card as you can see (obviously, the small part is the pulled out portion). This is the first card I have that is anything like this - very cool, and great new one for the Leaf collection.

It wasn't the only new one for me though...

A few more new Leafs from all over, including another more recent Score with Orr.

There were a couple new baseball adds for me as well...

Ah - one straggling Halladay that didn't make it in with the others yesterday (and a SN out of 999 too).

As for the still wonderful, but duplicates...

1988 Topps and 1991 Score for the most part, but as I say, still great adds and much appreciated from Jeff!

We wrap it up tomorrow with the last bit of stuff in the box from jeff!


  1. I remember those SP inserts. Gotta love 90's ingenuity.

  2. I found a Chris Webber SP like that in a dime box a few years ago. I had never seen one up to that point, it was definitely different, that's for sure!