Sunday, October 13, 2019

Sharing a few more trades

Yesterday, I was able to trade a big trade, but today, a few different smaller ones to go through and share today.

First up, a one for one card trade with T-Rex70. I don't usually do trades for a single card, but I made an exception since this is what I was getting...

Though it isn't serial numbered, these had a print run of 5,000. Not the most rare of cards, but with a nice autograph, on card, I will take that trade (and I did).

Next up, a PWE trade with CardDad78...

A few more Stadium Club cards to keep chugging the set along as well as a few Leafs, including a really nice Sittler Select card.

Last up is a trade with forester7. Like CardDad78, a first time trade partner.

As wonderful as the circular "cards" are - they are just a wee bit larger across than the usual card width, so I am going to have to figure out how to nicely store these - might just have to store them in the 5 by 7 size cards and pit a couple in each slot - at least for now.

Other than that, always love having another Drabek card (I've mentioned how much I enjoy Doug his dad, cool to have the second generation cards too, especially in a Jays uniform), and Josh as a Jay is always okay!

There you have it - three quick trade recaps, all really awesome and great thanks to everyone!

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  1. 1996 Leaf Signature Series is a landmark set. Love the simple design... which allows the signatures to stand out.