Saturday, October 5, 2019

Jays from Jeff and some ShoTime

Today's package out of the box from Jeff is a bunch of Jays.

The 1986 Fleer cards are a great add as both of these were ones I was missing, and I can always go for another terminator card.

I still haven't gone through the 1990 Donruss cards in detail to look at whether I have the hobby and retail cards, or which I am missing. At least with the 1991 Donruss design, the patter was fairly easy to tell the difference if you knew what to look for. Here, with just different splatted patterns - I am not looking forward to it (but still happy to have all the cards).

The David Wells Score Young Superstars card is another new one to my collection. Not sure is David should be considered better as a Jay or his time as a Yankee - but both times were great (though I am a bit biased to the Toronto time).

May not have been a ton of new cards here for me, but keeping the duplicates and adding those to the collection, are just as good to me.

Speaking of adding to the collection, I received the trade cards from ShoTime which were part of some wrestling card trading.

The last card of this, is the key...

The Natalya card finishes off the 2016 Topps 100 card base set for me, while the 2015 Topps cards continue to make a dent in that one.

A great little PWE which is great help - thanks ShoTime!

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