Tuesday, October 15, 2019

A bkim trade package

I have had a bit of a busier time than usual on the trade front the last couple months, so I have a few different trades to work through sharing, and we start off with a package from TCDB member bkim. We have traded a couple times before, and always good stuff, so a couple PWE's here to share off.

Does anyone remember BJ Birdy? I couldn't remember his name, but recalled it wasn't Acr, who is the mascot these days. I had to look it up, but BJ Birdy was replaced in 1999 after serving as Jays mascot since 1979, and was replaced by Ace and Diamond (Diamond was the female equivalent of Ace, and only lasted a few years). The card did scan really nice which isn't always the case with the holograms.

Bkim was able to provide me with some Heritage Jays which I have said before, I generally lack. Interesting in looks on them though, from Colby looking over the moon happy and Cecil looking like someone killed his cat.

I really appreciate the additions to the Jays collection, and any chance to trade with bkim - always a great trade partner.


  1. Good cards. Did not remember BJ.

  2. Don't remember BJ Birdy, but I remember Juan Guzman and that Collector's Choice card of him is sweet!