Wednesday, October 23, 2019

A drive away winning start

40 of the 80 cards in a Dollarama baseball card repack today, the rest tomorrow. Let's see what's there for me (and maybe for you!). Yeah, some Jays today and one really odd card considering it is a baseball card.

When I first saw the Santiago 1997 Fleer card, I just saw the vehicle and assumed I had ended up with a Nascar or Indy card for some reason. Not really the case obviously, just a really interesting choice for a photo, and one that will stick out among the blue and white uniforms of Blue Jays. It was the "new to me" card for the Jays of the three.

Well, there was at least one Diamond King as well for me to add...

1985 Leaf - a bit outside the usual for Diamond Kings in these repacks, so gladly will take it, along with these other keepers...

A nice bunch, including a good Limcecum as well as a handful, or close to it, for some later 80s Fleer sets.


In addition to the typical early 90s sets, some nice 2000s cards including a Bowman Chrome Bryant and Heritage Molina. Also noticed that I ended up with 2 Steve Wilson cards from 1989 Topps Traded - I guess that can happen in these here and there, as much as it really can be avoided when you are only getting 80 cards.

Other half up tomorrow!