Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Finishing the reduction

So, baseball done and hockey now done after today and I cut down the collection in all, about 4,000 cards. It's a good feeling to get through one of these types of tasks, even if it may not be the biggest of tasks, it really does feel good to have a bit more focus on the collection.

Also has given me the next task that I think I want to undertake. I want to document a bit better in my TCDB collection my error and insert/variation collections. I don't know that I want to have them listed in completely separate collections there, but I do want to document why they are in one or the other collections.

I am getting ahead of myself a bit though, and first, let's finish looking at some more traders.

I miss Pacific. In a time where Upper Deck seems to put out a hundred sets a year, Pacific seemed to put out a number of different sets, but they at least all felt completely different, and had unusual designs.

Remember when Victory was "Ultimate Victory"? Yeah...haven't looked at the reason behind it, but an interesting design - with a white background, definitely a Victory design.

A really like the unique Crown design on Kariya, but that is the only non-Leaf of the collection I have so, no need to keep it now.

I hung on to a number of the Upper Deck flagship sets since these are ones I have more cards than less, and are likely ones I could actually collect in trades, but 2006-07 just happened to be a year I don't have very much of, so no need to start it now, as there are many other years to look for first.

So, you can see a number of In The Game sets through the years here. Most of these I would have picked up in repacks and hung on to originally. I don't collect minor league cards, and am not a fan of the multiple designs in the base sets. Each could be an alright stand alone, but just personally not a fan.

Happy to offload any of these, and anything else you find in my for trade list at TCDB.

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