Saturday, October 19, 2019

Leaf content

Today, the second 2012-13 Score hockey pack from the box yesterday, and we start of really well.

The gold rush card happens to be a Leaf, and one that I need. I'll give this 5 points since the parallel scoring otherwise is less than the Toronto base card score. Dion, still not my favourite Leaf of all time, but I digress.

Next up, an insert that, I can't find the specific odds for, but will be around one in every 18 packs or so from what I can see (from my own experience, I got two cards in a box, so we will go with that).

The 12 card Team Score set is alright and with photos that remind me of Pinnacle subsets in the early 90s.

The keepers from the base set...

A nice season highlight subset card of Alfredsson commemorating his 400th goal - definitely highlights the group.

Last up,a single dupe.

Overall, a solid pack with a couple nice inserts.

2 Packs, 14 cards, 46 points.

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