Sunday, October 20, 2019


A quick housekeeping item - since a lot of my trades and posts may reference - apparently, starting November 1st, the website is "moving" to I presume that for a period of time, many of the links in past posts related to profiles, etc, will continue to work, but likely won't be the case indefinitely.

I, like many others out there blogging will probably have some link updating to do to ensure everything links properly going forward, but no one is perfect and there may be a miss here and there for the first while, so just wanted to give a heads up in advance and apologize for any links like that which may not work - but should minimize over time.

Second non-housekeeping item - baseball playoffs. I have been fairly quiet on them because, well, none of the teams left really interest me in winning. With the series set to be Houston against the Nats - I'd hope the Nats win just for the Expos connection, but wouldn't be the end of my world if it didn't work out that way.

Today, the third pack of the Hockey Repack box from Walmart, and today we step back a little further into 2009-10 Upper Deck Hockey (series 2).

A decent design for the base set, and a number o keepers from the pack...

I will say, of these, Phaneuf has the best card, just for the expression on his face.

That isn't where the victory comes in for the pack as it is this one...

The Victory Update cards may fall one per pack, but happy to get a Leaf out of it. Viktor played 40 games in Toronto before moving on to a number of other teams and trying to find his place in the NHL - so not a long term Leaf by any means. I guess that also means, not too many Leaf cards of him to collect.

Lastly, for sake of completeness - the one dupe in the pack...

3 Packs, 22 cards, 64 points.

Bonus content for today, so I don't fall too far behind on trade packages. Here is a quick 9 in a PWE from althib.

So, what do these cards mean to me...well:

- A 1991 Bowman set addition
- A 1991 Fleer variation binder addition
- A few Blue Jays collection additions including one with the atrocious All Star Unis (all the nice blue colours in the Jays binder, and now this...)
- A couple Leaf adds from the early to mid 2000s

Definitely a lot of different things from one envelope, but all greatness and appreciated.


  1. What's the variation on the 1991 Fleer card?

    1. On the back, there is basically a "normal" underline stat card and one with an additional underlining under Yr and Club - yeah, I take little nit-pcik items for the binder.