Friday, October 11, 2019

Ending with the oldest

The last of the box from Jeff is what we are looking at today, and we finish with almost all Maple Leaf cards, including a the two oldest cards out of the box.

These are my first All-Star team cards out of 1978-79 - and it isn't a bad design either. Maybe a bit too much border, but it screams 70s so much, I can't really complain.

A ton of other new to me Leafs in this last bunch as well...

The Andreychuk Electric Ice parallel looks really snazzy with the nice glitter look. A better look than the Player Club Collector Choice parallel and the flat grey. The Pacific Crown die cut design will always stand out, and the 2013-14 Select solid card stock and design are nice. Then we end with Tavares and another Canada National Hockey Card Day card.

Maybe I should have ended with all the new to me cards, but is a look at th rest of what was there...

With that, we finish this great box that I can't thank Jeff enough for and for reaching out in the first place. I do have a small pile of additional cards set aside and growing that I plan to pass on to Jeff when I get the chance to meet up with him next.


  1. The design on those All-Star cards are fantastic!

  2. You're right, those All-Star cards are just oozing 70's!

  3. Those all-star cards are awesome! Don't think I've ever seen that design before. But I'm very familiar with those You Crash The Game inserts. Loved tracking my cards and seeing if I had a winner.