Monday, October 14, 2019


A little behind on this one, for which I apologize to AirPete as I should have shared this a bit ago, but as I say, been busy and have gotten to it in due course.

The 2017 WWE Topps  Finishers and Signature Moves 50 card insert is one I am now about 7 cards away from completing. Wasn't expecting to pick up a couple from AirPete, but here we are!

A few adds for the error and variation collection, all of these being dupes as they are sets I have or are working on.

Picturesque maybe - a little over sized - absolutely, but I can live with that.

Lastly, some Leafs...

We end with a good number of newer O Pee Chee cards from 2017-18, which I did not have, including the Marner box card at the end, which was quite nicely cu out. I always find them difficult to cut out in any good fashion.

A great delivery from AirPete, and I look forward to trading again with him in the near future as we seem to be able to match up needs every few months.

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